“Revealed! The Simple Skill Anyone Can Master to Engage Your Audience, Maximize Your Products and Explode Your Sales!
Telling Simple Stories Truly Is the Secret KEY to Your Success as an Entrepreneur!
As humans, everything we do, create, and experience is inextricably connected to STORY! There is a story to everything! So what separates stories that are “boring” from those that are wildly fascinating and engaging?

How the story is told!

There was a poem written in 1921 that illustrates this perfectly. The Touch of the Master’s Hand was written by Myra Brooks Welch and tells the story of an old violin being sold at auction. The auctioneer was only getting a bid of a dollar or two when an old gentleman came forward, dusted off the violin, tuned it up, and began to play. Once he finished, the auctioneer picked up the bidding again...this time at $1,000 and more! When asked what made the difference in the value of the old violin, the auctioneer responded with “the touch of the master’s hand!” The poem was later turned into a best-selling song due to its powerful message.

Whether you wish to connect more powerfully with your audience, are looking to create best-selling products that add amazing value to your customers, or are looking for ways to explode your sales for whatever products and services you offer, TELLING SIMPLE STORIES is the secret key to unlocking ALL those desires and MORE! People will invest in YOUR product over someone else’s because of the STORY being told about that product!

Now you may think, “But Tony, I am NOT a storyteller!” That is where you are wrong! Anyone can master telling simple stories! ANYONE! How could I make a statement like that without even knowing you? Simple! Stories are formulaic! Once you understand the formulas for telling simple stories (and these formulas are ALSO simple) you can transform your audience engagement, products, and sales!

And the AWESOME news is that these simple story formulas work for writing of all types (I’m using one now), images (photographs, art, brands, etc.), and videos (of all types)! Simple Stories provide the context and framework that enables you to connect with your audience and customers in a way that will transform your business! 

They are THAT powerful!

Oh, and guess what? You can ALSO use stories from the Public Domain! I do it ALL the time!
Tell Simple Stories!
“Tell Simple Stories” is a brand-new LIVE training that reveals everything you need to tell your OWN Simple Stories. Over the course of four in-depth modules, you will discover:
Module One: Why Simple Stories Matter
   • Story Is Everything...Everything Is Story.
   • Using Simple Stories to Guide, Direct, and Create the Results We Want.
   • Discovering the Simple Stories We Can Tell.

Module Two: Tell Simple Stories With WRITING!
   • Simple Story Formulas Anyone Can Use.
   • Enhancing Your Writing Projects Using Simple Stories.
   • Simple Stories and Killer Sales Copy...Why They Buy.

Module Three: Tell Simple Stories With IMAGES!
   • Is a Picture Really Worth a Thousand Words?
   • Using Photos and Illustrations to Tell Simple Stories.
   • Branding and the Story It Tells.

Module Four: Tell Simple Stories With VIDEO!
   • The REAL Reason Why YouTube Is Exploding.
   • The Brain Science Behind Using Videos to Tell Simple Stories.
   • Three Most Popular Ways to Use Simple Stories in Video Projects.

BONUS: “Illustrated Stories in Marketing” Video Training
“Tell Simple Stories” applies perfectly to ANY business, service, or product. The fact that your business or product exists means that it has a story! How that story is TOLD is up to YOU! Will your Simple Story be one that people dismiss out-of-hand, or will it inspire people to join you for the adventure?  The choice is yours!
The Introductory Pricing for “Tell Simple Stories”...
Just $297 $147 $77!
Your Wise Investment Today Includes:
    • LIVE Access to All the Webinar Trainings.
    • Ongoing Access to All the Workshop Recordings.
    • Slide PDFs for All Four Modules.
    • BONUS: Illustrated Stories in Marketing
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